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PET bottle label removing machine is designed to peel off all types of PET whole bottle or flattened bottle label paper. This article focuses on the structure and working principle of the plastic bottle label remover and its applications....
Plastic bottle label removing machine

PET bottle label removing machine is designed to peel off all types of PET whole bottle or flattened bottle label paper. It is one of the ideal auxiliary equipment necessary for PET bottle material crushing and further cleaning process.

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PET label remover machines for plastic bottle recycling plants

What is PET bottle label removing machine?

Plastic bottle label remover is an indispensable recycling equipment for PET bottle recycling. The label removing machine can remove more than 95% of the labels from plastic bottles.

If you want to recycle plastic bottles, it is highly recommended to add a PET bottle label removing machine to improve the quality of bottle flakes.

label removing machine
Label removing machine

Applications for de-labeling machines

The de-labeling machine is suitable for beverage bottles, Coca-Cola bottles, mineral water bottles, bottle bricks, flattened bottles, and so on.

Structure of plastic bottle label remover

The PET bottle stripper consists of two large parts:

First, the label removal link. PET label remover machine consisting of the machine Jane, the spindle and the dynamic knife on the shaft, and the fixed knife on the wall of the Jane, and all use carbide Knife head. The bottle in the mechanical advancement process through the contact between the dynamic knife and fixed knife will be stripped label.

Second, the separation link. There are mainly separation cylinders, a main fan, a vice fan, and a spiral duct. The wind separation, high efficiency, energy saving, and convenience.

PET bottle label removing machine

How does PET label remover machine work?

The bottle material is conveyed to the inlet of the plastic bottle label remover, and a section of spiral at the front of the inlet pushes the bottle into the peeling barrel.

The label paper is scraped off the bottle by spiral friction between the spindle rotating blade and the fixed blade on the barrel wall.

There is a separation chamber at the exit to separate the peeled label from the PET bottle. The label paper is blown out from outside the label exit at the top, and the PET bottle falls directly.

In addition, the effect of separation can be adjusted according to the different sizes of bottles. This PET label remover machine has a small degree of injury to the bottle nozzle and scratch to the bottle body, and the rate of peeling off the label is more than 98%.

Working process of PET bottle label removing machine

Label removing machine data

  • Model: SL-600
  • Power: 11KW+3KW
  • Capacity: 1-1.2t/h
  • Size: 4000*1800*1600mm
  • Weight: 1500kg

Features of label removing machine

  • Flexible adjustment: the distance between the moving knife and the fixed knife can be adjusted according to the size of plastic bottles.
  • High efficiency, mechanized production, save labor costs
  • The label separation rate is high, and the label release rate is up to over 98%
  • Durability: De-labeling machine uses alloy steel blades, long machine service life
  • Label remover machine is a high degree of automation equipment, that can realize automatic production, simple and convenient operation.

Notes on label remover machine

  • Do not put too much material at once, this will cause harm to the machine, and it is recommended not to do so.
  • When the de-labeling machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to put your hand into the decalcifying machine for operation, so as not to cause injury, keep in mind our advice.
  • It is strictly forbidden to put hard objects and other things into the label remover machine to cause damage to the blades.
  • It is strictly forbidden to place water bottles, scissors, blades, and other miscellaneous objects on the PET bottle label removing machine. Other items falling into the inlet can easily damage the de-lebeling machine
  • Maintain regular lubrication maintenance of the operating parts, which will help to extend the life of the label remover machine.
de-labeling machine
De-labeling machine


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