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Plastic film pelletizing machine is a kind of plastic recycling equipment, which converts plastics into granular materials by heating, compressing, and extruding them. Contents hide 1 Introduction of plastic film pelletizing machine 2 Raw material of plastic film pelletizing machine...

Plastic Granulator

Plastic film pelletizing machine is a kind of plastic recycling equipment, which converts plastics into granular materials by heating, compressing, and extruding them.

Plastic granulator is suitable for all kinds of plastic raw materials, including PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE, PVC, PS, etc. The final product is recycled plastic pellets.

Shuliy plastic film granulator has a wide range of output, from small 150kg/h to large 1000kg/h.

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Introduction of plastic film pelletizing machine

Shuliy plastic film pelletizing machine adopts a special double-step screw design, which is suitable for the production of PP, PE, ABS, PVC, PC, PET, and other plastic recycling pelletizing.

The screw and barrel are specially hardened to provide wear resistance, good mixing performance, and high output.

Plastic film pelletizing machine
Plastic film pelletizing machine

Raw material of plastic film pelletizing machine

Shuliy plastic film granulators can process different types of plastics such as plastic film, agricultural film, woven bags, HDPE bottles, raffia bags, and so on.

Here we only list some of the raw materials. If you are not sure which plastic granulator is suitable for your raw material, please feel free to contact us to ask.

3 types of die heads for plastic granulators

There are three common types of plastic pelletizer die heads: electric gear die heads, hydraulic die heads, and automatic slag filter die heads.

Electric gear die head

Electric gear die head is a type of die head commonly used in plastic pelletizing machines. It transmits rotational power to the screw using an electric motor-driven gear transmission system, which pushes the plastic material into the extrusion screw for the plasticizing and extrusion process.

plastic granulator die head
Electric gear die head

Hydraulic die head

The hydraulic die head realizes the plasticizing and extruding process of plastic by pushing the plastic material into the screw of the extruder with the force provided by the hydraulic system.

This type of die head is suitable for handling high-viscosity and high-hardness plastic material with strong adaptability and stability.

Automatic hydraulic die head
Automatic hydraulic die head

Automatic slag filter die head

The automatic slag filter die head is a specially designed die head for plastic film granulators. Through the special structure of the screw and the slag discharge port, the plasticized plastic material is discharged from the die head without the need for an additional strainer.

The automatic slag filter die head effectively avoids the clogging of the mesh which may affect the production efficiency, and simplifies the cleaning and maintenance process.

automatic slag filter die head
Automatic slag filter die head

How does plastic become plastic pellets?

Plastic film pelletizing machine is an equipment used to process plastic waste or raw materials into granules. The following is the basic process by which plastic is processed into plastic pellets by a plastic film granulator.

  1. Feeding: First of all, the plastic waste or raw material will be fed into the feeding port of the plastic film pelletizing machine. Film-type soft plastics need to be fed with the aid of an automatic feeder.
  2. Melting and Plasticizing: Through the electric heater or other heating methods, the plastic material inside the barrel will be subjected to high temperature, and gradually soften and melt.
  3. Extrusion: Once the plastic has reached a sufficient level of plasticization, it is pushed into the extrusion screw inside the barrel.
  4. Cooling and Curing: The newly formed plastic pellets are passed through a cooling system, usually water, to rapidly cool and cure the pellets.
  5. Cutting: After the pellets are formed and cured, they are cut by a plastic pellet cutter machine.

This video shows the process of pelletizing plastic

Parameters of plastic film granulator

Screw diameter150mm180mm200mm220mm
Spindle speed40-50/min40-50/min40-50/min40-50/min
Main motor power37kw55kw75kw90kw

These types of outputs can meet most people’s production needs. Of course, we can also provide plastic film pelletizing machines with larger or smaller outputs.

If you need a plastic film granulator with other capacities, please feel free to leave your contact information on our website. We will contact you immediately to customize a plastic solution for you.

LDPE film recycling line
Plastic granules making machine

Plastic film granulator price

Shuliy plastic film granulator prices range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars. Prices vary for different models and outputs of granulators. Please contact us via WhatsApp or message us directly on the website for a specific quote.

Features of our plastic granulators

  • From raw material crushing, cleaning, and feeding to pellet making are all automated
  • Make full use of a high-pressure friction uninterrupted heating system, automatic heating production, avoiding continuous heating, saving electricity and energy
  • The plastic granulator adopts a split automatic power distribution system to ensure the safe and normal operation of the motor
  • The gearbox adopts a high-torque design to achieve noiseless and smooth operation and other performance.
  • The design of vacuum exhaust can discharge moisture and exhaust gas in the production process, making the material more stable and the granule more solid, ensuring the excellent quality of the product.
  • The appearance of the plastic pelletizer is beautiful and generous. Can be painted according to customer requirements
woven bag granulator machine
Waste plastic pelletizer
plastic pelletizer 1

Precautions for plastic film pelletizing machine

  • The gear oil of the new machine of plastic film pelletizing machine should be replaced at least once every six months, and the active parts should be lubricated at least once a week
  • The temperature of plastic granulator must reach the set temperature before pouring in the cleaning material or raw material to clean the residue in the screw until the new material is extruded, then suspend the extrusion and install the filter plate and die head quickly in place
  • After closing the die head, turn on the main screw motor of the plastic pelletizer, the operator is away from the die head at this time to prevent the die head from being blocked by hard material and bursting and injuring people.

Successful cases of plastic film pelletizing machine

We are proud to announce that our plastic granules making machines have been successfully exported to many countries such as Mozambique, Saudi Arabia, Cote d’Ivoire, etc. We have introduced the granulation business of these customers in our previous cases. These customers have made considerable profits by utilizing our plastic film granulators.

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