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Shuliy has been focusing on plastic recycling machinery and is committed to developing various types of recycling machinery such as plastic granulators, plastic crushers, plastic washing machine, plastic dryers and so on. For more than a decade, we have been providing perfect plastic solutions to customers in many countries around the world.

recycling machinery

Plastic Recycling Machine

Plastic bottle recycling line for PET bottles, including cola bottles, mineral water bottles, beverage bottles and other plastic bottles.

Plastic bottle washing line

Plastic film recycling line is mainly used to recycle soft plastics, including woven bags, shopping bags, used packaging plastics, household waste plastics, etc.

plastic recycling plant

Plastic flake recycling line is mainly used for processing plastic pots, plastic buckets, plastic chairs, and other hard plastics for recycling and granulation.

plastic film washing granulating line

EPS EPE foam recycling line is mainly used to recycle EPS EPE foam, which is suitable for foam boxes, foam boards, packaging foam, pearl cotton, and other types of foam.

plastic foam pelletizing line

Global Recycling Project

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