Plastic Foam Pelletizing Line | Expanded Polystyrene Recycling Machine

Plastic foam pelletizing line is a solution designed for plastic foam recycling and granulation. In recent years, foam has been widely used in the packaging industry, but it is large and difficult to transport. This has led to the rapid...

plastic foam pelletizing line

Plastic foam pelletizing line is a solution designed for plastic foam recycling and granulation. In recent years, foam has been widely used in the packaging industry, but it is large and difficult to transport. This has led to the rapid development of foam recovery and recycling machinery and equipment. With the continuous adoption of new technologies, the equipment technology and production efficiency of expanded polystyrene recycling machines have generally been rapidly improved.

EPE and EPS materials

Expanded Polyethylene

Expanded Polyethylene is a structural foam made from polyethylene polymers. It is manufactured by heating and compressing the polyethylene polymer to form air bubbles that make it lightweight, flexible, and with acoustic and thermal insulation properties. It is mostly used in packaging, construction, and household applications.

EPE foam
EPE foam

Expanded Polystyrene

EPS, or expanded polystyrene, is a lightweight, rigid, and thermocouple material made from small pellets of polystyrene. EPS is commonly used for insulation, packaging, and protective cushioning applications because of its low cost, versatility, and good insulation properties.

To manufacture EPS, small particles of polystyrene are mixed with an inflator, such as propane, and then heated and molded into large blocks. The inflator forms small bubbles inside the pellets, causing them to expand and form an organism. Depending on the desired application, the expansion process can be controlled to produce EPS with different densities and physical properties.

EPS foam

Process flow of plastic foam pelletizing line

Crushing – lumping – drawing – cooling – pelletizing

Plastic foam pelletizing line is 100% available for recycled foam. EPS EPE foam is compressed and then pelletized to become the most widely recycled processing method. The foam is compressed or thermally melted by a professional foam compressor, which results in a compressed block. The shredded foam compressed blocks can be used for pelletizing to produce high-quality EPS EPE pellets. It can be reapplied to the production of new foam products. Now, with the popularity of carbon emission reduction, recycling has become the only way to regenerate EPS.

Raw materials and finished products of plastic foam pelletizing line

The plastic foam pelletizing line can make plastic granules from recycled waste foam.

Applications of recycled plastic pellets

EPE EPS material is widely used in the following fields because of its lightweight, elasticity, moisture-proof, shock-proof, and corrosion-resistant properties.

  • Packaging: It is often used for packaging electronic products, food, cosmetics, industrial and other items to protect them from damage during transportation.
  • Construction: Foamed polyethylene is often used in construction, such as for wall partitions, sound insulation, thermal insulation, protection, etc.
  • Furniture: It is commonly used in the manufacture of furniture such as sofas, seats, mattresses, pillows, etc. to provide comfort and good support.
  • Sports equipment: It is often used for dry manufacturing of sports equipment such as diving boards, protective gear, etc.
  • Electronics: It is often used to dry manufacture electronic products, such as cell phone cases, computer bags, photographic equipment, etc.

Main machines of plastic foam granulator line

foam crusher

plastic foam crusher

The plastic foam crusher is used to crush large pieces of recycled foam into small pieces that can be easily melted and pelletized.

EPS pelletizing machine 1

Plastic foam extruder

The plastic foam extruder is used to melt and extrude small pieces of crushed plastic foam into long strips.

Cooling tank

Cooling tank

The cooling tank is used to cool down the high-temperature plastic strips to make them harden for cutting easily.

pellet cutting machine 1

Plastic granule cutter

The plastic granule cutter is used to cut long strips of cooled and hardened plastic into uniformly sized plastic pellets.

Features of plastic foam pelletizing line

The expanded polystyrene recycling machine is used for recycling and granulating EPE EPS foam. It is especially suitable for material sorting and turning waste into treasure.

  1. Plastic foam pelletizing line adopts the latest technology, the appearance with a protective cover is generous and beautiful, and easy to use
  2. Plastic foam granulator line can realize automatic continuous production
  3. Expanded polystyrene recycling machine covers an area of small, low power consumption, high quality of finished products, a wide range of application
  4. The plastic foam pelletizing line can realize the integration of foam crushing and automatic feeding and pelletizing, which is convenient to operate.