Waste Plastic Crusher | Plastic Shredder Machine

Waste plastic crusher is designed to crush PP, PE, LDPE, PVC, PET, HDPE, ABS, and other soft or hard plastics. This article mainly introduces the principle, structure, application, parameters, advantages of plastic shredder machine....
Waste plastic crusher

Waste plastic crusher is designed to crush PP, PE, LDPE, PVC, PET, HDPE, ABS, and other soft or hard plastics. Such as plastic films, plastic bottles, PVC pipes, PE pipes, and other plastic wastes.

By changing the screen with different apertures, we can get different particle-size flakes.

Different models of plastic waste shredder machines

Introduction of waste plastic crusher

A plastic waste shredder machine is a recycling equipment specialized in crushing waste plastics into pieces. It crushes waste plastics by cutting and shredding them into particles or flakes through the high-speed rotating blades.

A plastic crushing machine is an important piece of equipment in the plastic pelletizing line, which greatly improves production efficiency.

Plastic crushing machine principle

The working principle of the plastic recycling shredder is that the movable knife rotates at high speed while cooperating with the fixed knife to cut large pieces of plastic. After that, the material is filtered through the screen and output.

Structure of plastic shredder machine

A plastic shredder machine is mainly composed of a feeding hopper, shredding chamber, knife frame, screen plate, lower hopper, motor, and so on.

The crushing chamber of the plastic crushing machine serves as the place where the material is broken down. There are moving blades, fixed blades, screens, and other accessories in the crushing chamber.

Plastic crushing machine raw materials

Industrial plastic shredder can crush plastic buckets, plastic baskets, plastic trays, plastic straws, PVC pipes, plastic bumpers, plastic film, plastic bags, and other waste plastics.

The crushed granules can be directly used as raw materials for granulation.

Notes on plastic waste shredder machine

  1. Regularly check the bearings, and replace the high-speed grease to ensure the normal operation of the industrial plastic shredder.
  2. After work, the plastic shredder machine must be cleaned of all parts of the residual materials.
  3. When the waste plastic crusher is in use, if the spindle speed is found to be gradually decreasing, the motor must be adjusted downward so that the machine can reach the specified speed, and any abnormalities found should be stopped for inspection.
  4. When the plastic crushing machine is turned on, the inflow of metal materials into the machine is strictly prohibited, such as nails, iron, and so on.
  5. When using the first no-load test for 1-2 minutes, observe no abnormal phenomenon before feeding.
  6. Feeding should gradually increase the flow of material, and keep observing the motor power consumption and operation.
Working process of plastic crushing machine

Industrial plastic shredder parameters

Two hot model parameters of waste plastic crusher

Advantages of plastic recycling shredder

  • Simple structure, small volume, lightweight, low power consumption per unit product
  • The front and rear walls of the crushing chamber adopt double-layer sound insulation, low-noise
  • Smooth movement, low vibration, easy operation
  • Strong cutting force, high productivity, large crushing ratio, uniform fragment size
  • Separate feeding hopper, crushing chamber, and screening hopper, easy to load and unload
  • The special design of the crushing chamber, no hopper, large inlet, easy to load
  • The crushed corners can be directly sent to the extruder


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