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Plastic film recycling line is mainly used for recycling PP, PE films, woven bags, shopping bags, waste packaging plastics, agricultural films and so on. This article mainly introduces the process flow, application, characteristics, main equipment and so on of plastic...
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The plastic film recycling line is mainly used for cleaning and recycling PP, PE film, woven bags, shopping bags, waste packaging plastic, domestic waste plastic, industrial packaging film, and industrial waste gas film with different degrees of pollution and granulation.

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PE PP plastic pelletizing machine

Introduction of plastic film recycling line

The plastic film recycling line is mainly used for the regeneration and granulation of waste PP PE woven bags, in which, the most important equipment is the plastic granulator.

The plastic film recycling line layout is compact and reasonable, according to the customer’s plastic recycling plant and the actual needs of a flexible and variable layout planning site, with low energy consumption.

It can be a 24-hour non-stop safe operation, effectively reducing operating costs, to ensure that customers have low input, high-efficiency gains.

Plastic granulation line
Plastic granulation line

Process of plastic film recycling line

Crushing → Washing → Rinsing → Drying → Granulating → Drawing → Cutting → Packaging

First, for woven bags with large sand content, after cutting or shredding, make large rolls of woven film bags into small bundles of small piles, then screening and sand removal pretreatment, and then add water to wet crush into small fragments.

Second, the machine shredded film fragments through the special film woven bag high-speed friction machine strong scrubbing, removing most of the material surface sediment, and then rinse the material with water

Finally, the rinsed and separated materials are sent into the squeezing and drying machine for dewatering. After washing and drying, the film-woven bags can enter the granulator for granulation.

Work process of plastic granulation line

Raw materials and finished products of plastic granulating line

The plastic film recycling line also called a plastic granulation line can cut plastic film like plastic products and plastic woven bag-like products into recycled plastic pellets.

Main machine of plastic film recycling line

plastic shredder

Step1 Plastic crusher machine

Shredding and cleaning recycled woven bags, shopping bags, used plastic packaging bags, etc. Since long pieces of plastic film can easily tangle and block conveyors and rotary machines, the first step is to use a plastic shredder to cut the plastic film into smaller pieces.

plastic washing machine

Step2 Plastic washing machine

Washing the crushed plastic film and removing dirt from the plastic material. The water pool with a toothed agitator propels the plastic material forward to the next machine in the plastic film recycling line.

plastic dryer machine

Step3 Vertical dewatering machine

Dewatering is the most important step in a plastic film recycling system because the film is hygroscopic and pelletizing machines require film sheet moisture rates of less than 5%, the lower the better.

plastic pelletizer machine

Step4 Plastic film pelletizing machine

The crushed flake film is extruded and processed into plastic pellets through the extrusion system of the pelletizer, which has the characteristics of high output, good pelletizing capacity, and high compactness.

cooling tank

Step5 Cooling tank

The cooling trough is used to cool the long strips of plastic extruded from the plastic pelletizer to make them cool and harden for cutting.

Pellet cutter machine

Step6 Plastic pellet cutting machine

The last and most important step in plastic film recycling, the plastic pellet cutting machine is a machine that cuts long strips of cooled plastic into uniform pellets.

What recycled plastic pellets can be used for?

Plastic pellets produced in plastic pelletizing lines can be used to make various plastic bags, stationery, buttons, zippers, and other household utensils, and various plastic construction tools, plastic doors and windows, mud and ash buckets.

Plastic granules are also widely used in agriculture, such as manufacturing agricultural film, pumping pipes, agricultural machinery, fertilizer bags, and other agricultural appliances. Using PP PE recycled pellets to manufacture plastic products can save resources and reduce solid waste pollution.

Plastic Film Recycling Line
Plastic pelletizing line in the plant

Features of plastic film recycling line

  • The use of a circulating water system ensures the cleaning effect while controlling the water flow and evaporation of water
  • Targeted design of the fine crushing system, the size of the crushed film is even and easy to clean
  • The rinsing water tank adopts claw-type uniform discharge to ensure uniform discharge and control the water content at the same time, providing a process basis for the dewatering module
  • The moisture content of the finished product is strictly controlled to 5%, which is suitable for high-quality granulation requirements.
  • After theoretical calculations and repeated measurements, the mechanical operation details of the crushing, cleaning, and drying process are adjusted to avoid material loss due to excessive processing
  • Automatic control of the whole LDPE film washing line, the system units are linked to operating, maximizing production capacity, and at the same time have a prediction function for possible abnormalities to ensure system safety
  • According to the production, requirements can be equipped with the corresponding plastic pelletizing lines.

plastic recycling washing line
Plastic recycling machine plant
PE PP plastic pelletizing machine
PE PP plastic pelletizing machine

Global cases of plastic pelletizing line

Shuliy has provided plastic recycling solutions to several countries around the world. Here are some photos of the machine as it was being prepared for shipment.

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