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Plastic bottle crusher can be used to pulverize PET bottles of various sizes with an output of 200kg/h-1000kg/h. This article mainly introduces the principle, structure, application, parameters and advantages of PET bottle crushing machine....
PET plastic crusher

The plastic bottle crusher can shred PET bottles into flakes of specified size. A plastic bottle crusher usually consists of a feed hopper, a crushing chamber with fixed blades, a rotor with rotating blades, a drive motor, a safety switch, and a frame.

PET bottle crushing machine shredding different materials

Principle of plastic bottle crusher

The plastic bottle crusher is driven by a motor-driven pulley to drive the knife frame so that the knife frame rotates at high speed. The material is crushed by the intersection of the moving knife and the fixed knife and then sent out of the outlet evenly by the screen. The design of the PET bottle crushing machine is reasonable, the body is made of steel, superior quality.

At the same time, the host can replace a variety of screens to meet different needs, a humane choice, suitable for a variety of crushing needs. The feeding hopper, crushing, and screen can be easily disassembled and cleaned.

Plastic Bottle Crusher
PET bottle crushing machine

Structure of water bottle crushing machine

A plastic bottle crusher is mainly composed of the main body, feed hopper, rotor, moving knife, and fixed knife in the structure.

plastic basket crusher machine
PET crushing machine

Plastic water bottle crusher design is exquisite, crushed material using the separation design, making it higher output and a more reasonable design. The processing of crushed pieces of material is uniform and the loss is small.

PET bottle crushing machine has an advanced structure, beautiful appearance, easy operation, and stable operation, equipped with a larger pulley to increase the inertia of the crusher, which can save energy and powerful crushing.

Application of plastic water bottle crusher

Plastic bottle crusher can be used to recycle all kinds of PET bottles, mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, coke bottles, Pepsi bottles, oil bottles, etc.

Final product of PET crushing machine

After the plastic bottle crusher has processed the bottles into pieces, which is our final product—PET flakes.

Parameters of plastic bottle crusher

Model of water bottle crushing machine

The water bottle crushing machine produced by Shuliy Machinery includes many models such as SL-400, SL-500 SL-600, and SL-800. It can be applied to crush plastic bottles of different shapes and sizes.

Output of plastic bottle crusher

The capacity of different models of plastic bottle crushers ranges from 500-3000, if you want to know more details about the machine, welcome to contact us.

Power of water bottle crushing machine

The PET bottle crushing machine’s power ranges from 7.5kw to 22kw, which can meet different production needs.

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Five features of plastic bottle shredder machine

1. This plastic bottle shredder machine has the advantages of fast crushing speed, high crushing efficiency, and large output.
2. Plastic bottle crusher has a reasonable structure, strong and durable, has high crushing efficiency, reliable work, easy maintenance, low noise, and simple operation.
3. This PET bottle crushing machine is suitable for recycling and reusing waste plastic bottles in factory enterprises, and it is a good helper for your factory enterprises.
4. Plastic bottles can be recycled, which can reduce environmental pollution and save resources at the same time.
5. The knife shaft and knife plate of the water bottle crushing machine are specially treated, and the blades have very high wear resistance and long service life

Advantages of plastic bottle recycling

According to statistics, the number of discarded plastic bottles in each country is gradually rising every year, if they can be recycled, not only can save a lot of resources but also can reduce a lot of environmental pollution.

PET recycling

The significance of recycling waste plastic bottles is that:

  • Reduce the occupation of land resources.
  • Save energy and reduce the emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.
  • Increase employment opportunities and promote economic development.
  • Raise public awareness of environmental protection.
  • Reduce the landfill area and the cost of waste disposal.

Complete plastic bottle recycling equipment

PET bottle crushing machine for sale

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