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Plastic recycling granulating line is mainly used for recycling waste plastic barrels, plastic basins, plastic chairs, plastic toys, and other hard plastics. This article provides information on the process, applications, main machines, and features of plastic recycling pelletizing machines....
plastic film washing granulating line

Plastic recycling granulating line is mainly used for recycling waste plastic barrels, plastic basins, plastic chairs, plastic toys, and other hard plastics. This plastic recycling pelletizing machine integrates crushing and cleaning, drying, granulating, and bagging and is a professional piece of equipment for recycling waste plastics.

Meanwhile, Shuliy Machinery can place and install the PP PE flake recycling line according to the customer’s requirements.

PP PE Flake Recycling Line

Introduction of plastic recycling granulating line

The plastic recycling granulating line mainly consists of a plastic crusher machine, plastic rinsing tank, plastic pellet making machine, cooling tank, and plastic granule cutter. The PP PE flake recycling line realizes highly automatic production, which can turn hard plastics into recycled plastic pellets and save labor.

plastic waste recycling plant
Plastic waste recycling plant

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Plastic Recycling Granulating Line
Plastic pelletizing plant design

Plastic recycling pelletizing machine process

Crushing – Cleaning – Drying – Melting – Extrusion granulation – Pelletizing cut – Bagging

Work process of plastic recycling granulating line

Application of plastic recycling granulating machine

Plastic recycling granulating line is a solution designed for recycling hard plastics such as plastic drums, plastic pots, plastic chairs, plastic pallets, fruit baskets, plastic containers, etc. Plastic recycling granulating line can turn hard plastics directly into recycled plastic pellets to achieve plastic recycling.

Main machine of plastic waste recycling plant

waste plastic crusher

Step1 Plastic shredder machine

The plastic shredder machine can easily crush hard plastics into small size materials, thus reducing transportation costs and facilitating subsequent plastic pelletizing.

plastic rinsing tank

Step2 Plastic washing machine

The plastic washing machine is used to rinse the crushed materials, and the bottom with the spiral device can remove the sediment and other impurities.

Plastic dryer machine

Step3 Horizontal dewatering machine

The horizontal dewatering machine is used to dry the cleaned materials. Because the moisture on the material will lead to bubbles in the melt and affect the quality of granulation, the waste must be dried before processing.


Step4 Plastic pelletizing machine

The crushed and dried material is melted in the plastic pelletizing machine and extruded into long strips through the die head. The plastic pelletizer machine is the most important equipment in the plastic recycling pelletizing line.

plastic strip cutting machine

Step5 Plastic Strip Cutting Machine

The plastic strip cutting machine cuts long strips of cooled plastic into small uniform pellets. Various machine models are available to meet different output requirements.

Why buy our plastic recycling pelletizing machine?

plastic waste recycling plant
Plastic waste recycling plant
  • Plastic pellets produced in plastic recycling pelletizing machines are of high quality, have no air bubbles, are full and round, and the size and thickness of the pellets cut out by the plastic pellet cutting machine can be adjusted.
  • The crushing system adopts a wear-resistant design to ensure the long-term continuous and stable operation of the system
  • High-speed centrifugal cleaning system with suitable rotating speed for different materials to apply the corresponding blade hitting strength, good cleaning effect
  • The plastic recycling pelletizing machine is controlled automatically and is a fully automatic assembly line, which realizes the direct transformation from waste plastic to finished pellets.
  • About the screw barrel, it is made of imported high-strength carbon structural steel, which has the feature of durability.
  • The appearance of the machine is beautiful and elegant, and it can be painted according to the customer’s requirements.
Shuliy plastic plant
Shuliy plastic pelletizing plant

The difference between PP PE plastic

First of all, the composition of the two is different, the main component of PP plastic is polypropylene, and PE plastic is the main component of polyethylene.

Secondly, the characteristics of PP PE plastic are different. PP plastic strength, stiffness, and hardness heat resistance are better than PE and can be used at about 100 ℃. Has good dielectric properties and high-frequency insulation and is not affected by humidity, but at low temperatures becomes brittle, not wear-resistant, and easy to age. PE plastic extensibility, tear-resistance and impact resistance, high transparency, heat sealing, and processing performance.

Shuliy Machinery’s plastic recycling granulating line is suitable for PP PE’s two kinds of plastic recycling pelletizing.


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