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Plastic dryer machine is a type of recycling equipment specialized in removing moisture from plastics. This article focuses on the principles and applications of PET flakes dryer machines....
Plastic dryer machine

Plastic dryer machine is a type of recycling equipment specialized in removing moisture from plastics. The main function of the plastic chips dryer machine is to reduce the moisture in the raw material to ensure the quality of the finished product before the plastic is further processed.

Plastic washing and drying machine

Introduction of plastic dryer machine

The plastic dryer machine is suitable for dewatering and air-drying plastic crushed materials for reuse, it can centrifugal dewatering at high speed and automatic discharge, and the dewatering rate is more than 98%, with high automation.

Shuliy Machinery’s horizontal dewatering machine is more convenient to use, dewatering and discharging synchronously, no need to worry about the inconvenience of picking up materials after dewatering.

PET flakes dryer machine principle

The plastic dryer machine uses spiral pushing, separation and dewatering, automatic feeding, and automatic discharging to complete at one time.

Plastic dryer machine
Plastic dryer machine

After the material is cleaned from the rinsing tank, it directly enters the feed hopper of the horizontal dewatering machine. The spindle of the PET flakes dryer machine is arranged and distributed with the spindle at a certain angle of the blade, driven by the motor, the spindle rotates driving the plastic flakes to make the high-speed rotational movement. Then the water will be separated from the plastic chips under the action of centrifugal force.

Plastic chips dryer machine application

Plastic dryer machines can be used for dewatering plastic bottles, plastic barrels, plastic toys, and plastic chairs after crushing. A plastic dewatering machine is applied in the PET bottle washing line and PP PE flakes recycling granulation line. Shuliy plastic chips dryer machine is a widely used and clean dewatering, it is the necessary machine for plastic recycling lines.

Features of plastic dewatering machine

  • High dehydration rate, over 98% dehydration rate
  • Less power consumption, fast efficiency, high automation, save labor
  • Clean dewatering, can remove fine debris such as mud and sand from plastic sheets
  • Advanced technology, low wear, and tear, low noise, safe to use
  • Double outlet design, save time, effort, and labor
  • With the advantages of scientific design, simple structure, easy to disassemble, easy to clean

Horizontal dryer
PET flakes dryer machine

Parameters of plastic scrap dryer machine

Here are the parameters of one of our plastic dryer machine models
Horizontal dewatering machine
Horizontal dewatering machine


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