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The plastic bag crusher machine is a plastic recycling equipment specially designed to process all types of plastic bags, plastic film, and plastic packaging waste.

Plastic shredder recycling machine factory

Plastic bag crusher machine introduction

A plastic bag crusher machine is an indispensable configuration in the plastic bag recycling line. Because plastic bags are often thin, soft, and malleable, these waste materials require a plastic film shredder machine that can effectively crush, cut, and crush these materials.

Waste film crusher machines typically have small blade spacing and high-speed rotating blades to effectively cut plastic bags and other materials into small pieces or fine particles for subsequent reprocessing or recycling.

Plastic bag crusher machine
Plastic bag shredder

Raw materials of plastic film shredder machine

The Plastic bag crusher machine is mainly used to process various types of plastic waste including:

  • Plastic Bags and Films: Supermarket shopping bags, food packaging films, etc.
  • Plastic Packaging Waste: Various types of plastic packaging waste.
  • Plastic Packaging Waste: Various types of plastic packaging waste.
  • Plastic-coated cardboard: for example, the outer packaging of disposable drinking cups.
waste plastic woven bag
Waste plastic woven bag
Plastic film washing plant
Plastic film washing plant

Plastic film shredder model and capacity

NamePlastic film shredder
Motor power45 kw
Material of knives60Si2Mn
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Advantages of plastic bag crusher machine

  1. Efficient processing: waste film crusher machine can quickly cut plastic bags and other soft plastic waste into small particles, improving the efficiency of waste disposal.
  2. Reduced Volume: After shredding, the volume of plastic bags is significantly reduced to save storage and transportation space.
  3. Multifunctionality: Plastic film shredder machines can be adapted to different types of plastic waste, such as plastic film, packaging materials, and so on.
  4. Fine particles: Plastic bag crusher machines can realize precise cutting, and generate uniform plastic particles, which is conducive to subsequent reprocessing and utilization.
  5. Customization: According to different customer needs, the plastic bag shredder can be customized to meet different capacities and processing requirements.
Plastic bag shredder
Plastic bag shredder

Waste film crusher machine working video

Plastic bag shredder shredding woven bags

Plastic bag crusher machine related equipment

Plastic film shredder machines can be paired with a variety of recycling equipment and plastic pelletizing lines for a more efficient plastic waste processing and recycling process. Here are some common pairing options.

Plastic pelletizer machine: If you want to further process the plastic bags into granular recycled plastic pellets, you can feed the shredded plastic bags into the pelletizer for pelletizing.

Plastic recycling line: Combine the waste film crusher machine with other plastic waste processing equipment, such as a plastic washing machine, plastic dryer, plastic extruder machine, and other equipment to build a complete plastic waste recycling line.

Plastic washing line: The plastic bag crusher machine can also be used in conjunction with a plastic bottle washing line for the production of PET flakes.

Plastic film shredder machine
Plastic film shredder machine
plastic recycling washing plant
Plastic film shredder

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