EPE Pelletizer | Plastic Foam Granulator

EPE pelletizer is to make recycled plastic granules from waste EPE foam through the process of crushing, melting, extruding, pelletizing, and cooling. Contents hide 1 Introduction of EPE pelletizer 2 Operation methods of EPE pelletizer 3 How to choose right...

EPE Pelletizer

EPE pelletizer is to make recycled plastic granules from waste EPE foam through the process of crushing, melting, extruding, pelletizing, and cooling.

Introduction of EPE pelletizer

EPE pelletizer, also known as plastic foam granulators, can produce plastic pellets without destroying the original molecular structure. The pellets produced are widely used.

EPE granulator is suitable for the extrusion and granulation of EPE foam raw materials, which can be used for the regeneration of EPE foam. Shuliy plastic foam granulator adopts an exhaust structure to exclude the gas produced in the plasticizing process, which makes the granules dense and smooth surface. The production operation is very simple and the investment cost is very low, but the economic benefit is high.

EPE pelletizer
EPE pelletizer

Operation methods of EPE pelletizer

  1. There are two heating circles on the upper and lower screw of the foam granulator, and each heating circle has a switch, which can be opened and closed at will according to the temperature needed for processing.
  2. When the foam granulator is working, first heat the upper and lower barrels for 20-40 minutes, then take a piece of foam on the machine head and press it lightly, if the foam can become soft and melt, it means that the barrel heating has reached the working temperature, and the machine can be turned on.
  3. Add a small amount of foam to the hopper first, if the extruded material has melted, only then can a large amount of material start working, if the temperature is found to be too high during the work, you can cut off the head heating power and continue to work.
  4. In the plastic foam granulator work, the lower screw head can add a layer or two layers of filters as needed. Strainer should have more than one when working, if the strip is not smooth, it means that the strainer is clogged, so replace the strainer in time. The steel filter screen can be recycled by removing impurities after burning with fire.

storage bins
Shuliy storage bins

How to choose right EPE pelletizer?

Shuliy EPE granulators are available in a variety of models with outputs ranging from 150-500kg/h. To select the right machine for your plant, you should consider the following questions:

  1. Details of what you want?
  2. What are your raw materials?
  3. Do you have a stable source of raw materials?
  4. What is the end product you want to produce?
  5. What machine capacity do you want it to perform?
EPE Pelletizer

Features of EPE pelletizer

  • Free assembly of screw assembly according to material type
  • High-efficiency forced feeder to ensure high capacity feeding stability and low power consumption
  • Main screw with vacuum exhaust function
  • Single-screw extruder with specially designed screw, barrel, and exhaust system to ensure good quality of the final product

Advantages of Shuliy EPE pelletizer

  • Production automation and labor-saving
  • Perfectly adapted to a wide range of material processing systems
  • Space-saving and easy to maintain
  • Low investment costs for high-quality and durable machines
  • Online installation guidance and other training services are available, as well as on-site installation guidance upon request
  • Customized design for stand-alone use or integration into complete systems with plastic crushers and compactors, or even into washing lines
Shuliy factory
Shuliy EPE pelletizer factory

Why recycle EPE pearl cotton?

EPE pearl cotton has high-quality impact resistance and reinforcement. It is widely used in high-grade furniture, household appliances, instruments, and meters, wooden furniture, porcelain, building waterproofing projects, etc. It is an ideal material.

With the application of raw materials more and more common, the resulting increase in pearl cotton waste, and EPE pearl cotton recycling has become an urgent need to solve the problem of many enterprises. Many people see the business opportunity from this, so the EPE pelletizing business began. Shuliy has an EPE pelletizer for sale that can help you start your plastic foam pelletizing business. Welcome to contact us.