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Foam compactor machine is a foam compression machine that can reduce the volume of foam exponentially. This article focuses on the principle, characteristics and parameters of styrofoam compactor....
Foam Compactor Machine

A foam compactor machine is a compression machine for foam, which combines a shredder and a compressor into one. The foam packaging machine can reduce the volume of foam exponentially, increase the density, and facilitate the recycling of foam.

Foam crushing and compactor machine

Introduction of foam compactor machine

EPS EPE foam is compressed by the EPS styrofoam recycling compactor, and the density increases and becomes square blocks. The floor space is greatly reduced, which can effectively decrease transportation and storage costs.

EPS styrofoam recycling compactor is the necessary equipment for plastic foam pelletizing line.

Plastic foam compactor machine
Plastic foam compactor machine

Principle of styrofoam compactor

The foam compactor machine is an environmental protection equipment that generates pressure according to the spiral rotation, squeezes the foam, and cold presses it for compression processing.

Styrofoam compactor can effectively solve the problem of EPS EPE foam which is difficult to recycle and inconvenient to transport. Shuliy foam packaging machine compression ratio is high. EPS styrofoam recycling compactor is cold pressed, no other chemical products are added and no odor is produced.

How does foam packing machine work?

When using, the operator only needs to put the foam into the hopper, through the shredding and crushing mechanism to break the foam spiral compression. After the spiral mechanism, the foam becomes a square foam compressed block. This can exponentially reduce the volume of foam, increase the density, and facilitate the recycling of foam.

Parameters of EPS foam compactor

Compression ratio40:01:0040:01:0040:01:00
Input size600*800*1400mm800*900*1400mm800*1000*1600mm
Output size280*280mm350*350mm400*400mm
Parameters of different models of EPS foam compactor

Features of EPS styrofoam recycling compactor

  • Safety and environmental protection: The foam compactor machine is designed for environmental protection, high quality, and low energy consumption. The briquettes are not heated, non-toxic, and harmless, saving energy.
  • Easy to apply: The compression ratio of the foam packaging machine is large and adjustable. Compressed foam can save storage space and reduce transportation and storage costs.
  • Durable: Shuliy styrofoam recycling compactor has a long and durable service life.
foam packaging equipment
EPS foam compactor

Materials handled by foam packing machine

Shuliy foam packaging machines can be used for fast food boxes, foam boxes, foam boards, pearl cotton sticks, and other EPS EPE foam.

Notes on foam compactor machine

  1. When using a foam compactor machine, pay attention to the buttons on the machine. Especially the “up”, “down” and “emergency switch”, which are used in case of emergency.
  2. Proper operation of the foam press also includes routine maintenance of the foam press and cleaning on time. It is important to ensure that the upper and lower plates are clean and flat to avoid damage to the product during pressing.
  3. Every time you operate the foam cold press for pressing, you need to prepare all kinds of auxiliary materials in advance to avoid the suspension caused by the lack of materials in the processing.