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The foam melting machine mainly transforms the waste foam into lumps to reduce the volume and facilitate transportation. This article focuses on the principle and structure of the styrofoam melter....
foam melting machine

The foam melting machine mainly transforms the waste foam into lumps to reduce the volume and facilitate transportation. With easy operation and high output, the styrofoam melting machine is your ideal waste foam recycling equipment. EPS hot melting recycling machine has the advantage of low input cost and high income.

Styrofoam melter machine

Introduction of foam melting machine

The foam melting machine is designed to solve the problem of dry foaming EPE foam scrap capacity reduction by crushing, hot melting, and extrusion molding. It is simple in design, compact in structure, and low in maintenance cost.

styrofoam melting machines
EPS hot melting machine

Working principle of foam melter

An EPS hot melting recycling machine is a kind of special equipment for foam recycling, mainly used for processing thermoplastics into foam-like objects. EPS hot melting machine’s working principle is to melt the solid plastic by heating it inside the machine to form a foam-like object. While heating, a high-speed rotating screw pushes the material forward to form a continuous production process.

Components of EPS hot melting recycling machine

The foam melting machine is mainly composed of a heating system, exhaust system, foam system, control system frame, and other parts. Among them, the heating system is the core part, which mainly consists of an electric heater, temperature controller, heat transfer pump, etc.

The exhaust system is used to eliminate the exhaust gas and water vapor inside the machine to ensure the stability of the production process.

Application of styrofoam melter

The EPS hot melting recycling machine can recycle and process waste foam produced by industry, construction, packaging, and other industries.

Difference between styrofoam melter and foam compactor machine

Whether it is a foam melting machine or a foam compactor machine, the ultimate goal is to compress the volume of foam. The main difference is that one melts the foam by heating and the other processes the foam into blocks by extruding.

The material of the foam is different, if you choose the styrofoam melting machine, some pungent gas will be released under high temperatures. Some customers are resistant to this point, so you should also pay attention when choosing. To say that the compression ratio, it is natural that the completely melted hot melt machine is better.

Advantages of styrofoam melting machine

EPS hot melting recycling machine has the advantages of high production efficiency, short production cycle, and low production cost. In recent years, with the increasing awareness of global environmental protection, the environmentally friendly foam materials produced by EPS hot melting recycling machines are also more and more favored by the market.

With the further development of society, the application field of EPS hot melting machines will be gradually expanded and the technology level will be improved.

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