Plastic Strand Pelletizer For PVC HDPE PS Plastic

Shuliy's plastic strand pelletizer is a popular recycling machine designed to recycle rigid plastics such as HDPE PS ABS PE PVC....
plastic strand pelletizer

The plastic strand pelletizer is a popular recycling machine designed to recycle rigid plastics such as HDPE PS ABS PE PVC. The output of our PVC granules making machine is 200-300kg/h, 500kg/h, and 1000kg/h.

We can customize machines for other outputs, welcome to inquire!

Strand pelletizer machine working video

Introduction of plastic strand pelletizer

The strand pelletizer machine is a highly efficient plastic waste processing equipment specially designed to convert hard plastic waste into high-quality recycled plastic pellets.

Hard plastic recycled pellets can be widely used in the manufacture of household appliance shells, pipes, components, plastic sheets, etc. It provides reliable, high-quality recycled raw materials for the production of environmentally friendly plastic products.

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Plastic strand pelletizer
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Strand pelletizer machine

Raw materials of strand pelletizer machine

This plastic strand pelletizer is suitable for a wide range of hard plastic raw materials, including ABS, PS, PVC, HDPE, and other plastics.

Shuliy can customize the right strand pelletizer machine for different types of hard plastic raw materials. Welcome to leave a message to consult. Some of the common raw materials are listed below:

PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride): PVC is widely used in the manufacture of water supply pipes, drainage pipes, cable protection pipes, PVC window frames, door frames, etc.

HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene): HDPE is used to make milk bottles, shampoo bottles, detergent bottles, etc.

PS (Polystyrene): PS plastic is also used in the manufacture of optical disk (CD, DVD) cases, lunch boxes, cups, etc.

ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Copolymer): ABS is widely used in the manufacture of toys, and housings for household appliances such as hairdryers, telephones, etc.

Precise plastic strand pelletizer temperature control system

Shuliy PVC granules making machine is equipped with an advanced temperature regulation system to ensure that the plastic material is heated to the proper processing temperature range.

The heating temperature of the strand pelletizer machine can be adjusted according to the different raw materials to achieve the most perfect granulation effect. Shuliy plastic strand pelletizer has electromagnetic heating, ceramic heating, electric heating, and other heating methods to choose from.

If you don’t know which heating method is most suitable for your raw material, please contact us to help you.

Electromagnetic heating
Electromagnetic heating
Iron heating device
Iron heating rings
Ceramic heating rings
Ceramic heating rings

Strand pelletizer machine hot selling model

NamePlastic strand pelletizer
Screw diameter180mm
Mail shaft speed40-50min
Main motor45kw

Successful cases of PVC granules making machine

Since our plastic strand pelletizer has been put into the market, it has been successfully exported to many countries, which has brought great success and considerable profit for customers all over the world to carry out plastic pelletizing business.

Feedback video of Nigerian customer’s plastic granulator

Plastic strand pelletizer for sale

The details of the Shuliy strand pelletizer machine are reflected in its stable structure, wear-resistant parts, and easy operation. Our plastic strand pelletizers are equipped with some advanced technologies, such as intelligent temperature control and efficient cooling systems, which ensure the stability of the processing and the reliability of the granule quality.

Choosing the Shuliy PVC granules making machine for your plastic recycling business is a wise choice.