EPS Pelletizing Machine | Plastic Foam Granulator

EPS pelletizing machine is suitable for the regeneration granulation of foam box, foam board, foam corner protector. This article focuses on the principles, applications and parameters of foam granulators....
EPS Pelletizing Machine

EPS pelletizing machine is suitable for EPS and other foam regeneration granulation. It is mainly for the regeneration granulation of foam boxes, foam boards, and foam corner protectors. This kind of recycled plastic granules can manufacture all kinds of stationery, toys electrical appliance shells, etc.

EPS foam crushing pelletizing machine

Introduction of EPS pelletizing machine

EPS pelletizing machine is a special machine for crushing and granulating waste foam and pearl cotton. The EPS granulator has a reasonable design, a high degree of automation, and advanced technology. The pellets produced are widely used and in short supply in the market, with users all over the world!

Principle of EPS granulator

The principle of the EPS pelletizing machine is very simple. Foam granulator uses a motor to drive a reducer to push the material forward. The foam is melted under the action of an external heating device and then becomes recycled pellets through a series of processes. The EPS pelletizing machine is the most important in the plastic foam granulating line.

EPS granulator
EPS granulator

Foam granulator features

  1. Adopting the main and secondary machine to support the production, the heating temperature is stable, which effectively improves the molecular structure of the material and enhances the air permeability, and the quality of the granule is improved!
  2. The EPS granulation machine unit is mainly composed of a crusher, main machine, and automatic traction cutting machine, and the main machine adopts an automatic net changing device.
  3. Main and secondary machine screw barrels are made of high-strength carbon structural steel.
  4. The foam granulator adopts a conical screw barrel, with fast feeding speed and high output.

Parameters of EPS granulation machine

TypeCapacityMain Motor
(double reducer)
(double reducer)
(double reducer)
Parameters of the plastic foam granulator

How to operate plastic foam granulator?

There are two heating circles on the upper and lower screw of the foam granulator, and each heating circle has a switch, which can be opened and closed at will according to the temperature needed for processing.

When the EPS granulator is working, the upper and lower barrels are heated for 20-40 minutes, then take a piece of foam on the head and press it lightly, if the foam becomes soft and melts, it means that the barrel heating has reached the working temperature (about 180 degrees) and the machine can be turned on.

EPS pelletizer
EPS pelletizer

In the foam granulator work, the lower screw head can add a layer or two layers of 20-80 mesh filters or another suitable number of filters as needed (the higher the mesh filter impurities, the cleaner the filter). Strainer should be more than one. If the work is not smooth, it means that the screen is clogged, and the screen should be replaced in time.