Plastic Film Recycling Washing Line

Plastic film recycling washing line crushes plastic waste into small pieces, then washes and dries them. This article mainly introduces the application, production process, characteristics of plastic recycling washing line and other information....
HDPE Washing Line

Plastic film recycling washing line crushes plastic waste into small pieces, then washes and dries them. Plastic recycling washing line is suitable for all kinds of PP, PE, PET, HDPE, PVC, LDPE, and other renewable waste plastics with economic value.

A plastic recycling washing line consists of several machines, mainly including a plastic crushing machine, rinsing tank, plastic dryer machine, storage bin, and so on.

Plastic washing granulation plant

What is plastic film recycling washing line?

Plastic washing lines are used to wash, separate, and dry waste plastics.

plastic washing plant
Plastic washing plant

This plastic recycling washing line has high production efficiency and a good cleaning effect. The moisture of plastic after drying is less than 5%.

plastic scrap washing machine
Plastic recycling washing line

Plastic washing line application

The main application areas of our plastic recycling washing lines are:

  • Agricultural films
  • Packaging film
  • Stretch film
  • PP bags (big bags, raffia bags)
  • PET bottles
  • Fruit, vegetable, and bottle boxes
  • All types of rigid plastics
  • Plastic bumpers
  • Appliance housings
  • Plastic containers and buckets
  • PVC plastic window frames

Production process of plastic recycling washing line

1Crush plastic film into small piecesPlastic crushing machineThe plastic crusher machine cuts the waste plastic film into small pieces of about 10-20 millimeters in size and moves them to the next machine.
2Delivering plastic film pieces to the rinsing tankScrew conveyorInstalled on the plastic crusher machine for conveying materials
3Washing plastic film chips Washing tankRemove debris from plastic film mixed with dirt and wood chunks. If the material is too dirty, add more rinsing tanks.
4Drying the plastic filmPlastic dryer machinePlastic dryer machine utilize centrifugal force to shake off water from the film.
5Store dry films and bags Storage binUsed to store clean, dry plastic film as raw material for plastic pelletizing machines
These are the main processes of the plastic film recycling washing line

Features of plastic film recycling washing line

  • The plastic washing line can be designed according to the degree of soiling of your raw materials to ensure the quality of the final product.
  • The plastic film recycling washing line works in conjunction with the subsequent granulation work to make plastic pellets from waste plastic film and woven bags.
  • Our plastic washing line is easy to operate and has low consumption.
  • Plastic washing plant after drying plastic moisture content less than 5%

Plastic recycling washing plant work video

Plastic recycling washing plant is cleaning waste plastic.

Set up a plastics washing plant

Our plastic film recycling washing lines are designed to reprocess waste plastics. We can also provide specific customized cleaning and recycling solutions based on the nature of the raw plastic material and your application requirements. Feel free to leave a message on our website if needed.