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Friction washing machines are very effective for contaminated plastic flakes and films. This article highlights the structure and principles of plastic friction washers....
PET frictional washing machine

Friction washing machines are very effective for contaminated plastic flakes and films. It can be integrated or retrofitted into your recycling pelletizing and washing lines.

PET bottle washing recycling machine

Introduction of friction washing machine

PET bottle flake friction washing machine is mainly used for PET bottle flake cleaning and conveying. The broken bottle flakes are fed into the friction washer by the screw loader. The screw rotates under the drive of the motor, and the bottle flakes move forward and get cleaned under the push of the blades.

high speed friction washer
High-speed friction washer
Plastic friction washer
Plastic friction washer

How does friction washers work?

The high-speed friction washer consists of a high-speed rotor surrounded by a removable screen. The high-speed rotor ensures that the material is “scrubbed” and “tapped” inside the screen. Multiple nozzles spray water onto the screen to continuously remove contaminants and dirt. The contaminants and dirty water are then discharged through the perforated screen and collected at the bottom.

Friction washing machine
Friction washing machine

Plastic friction washers are placed at a 45-degree angle to maximize friction and carry out impurities and contaminants.

Principle of plastic bottle washing machine

Friction washing machines work on the principle of mechanical friction and centrifugal force, just like washing machines.

inside structures

Features of plastic friction washer

  • Fully disassembled box structure, easy maintenance of the whole machine
  • The screen is made of stainless steel, with a long service life
  • Simple installation structure and low maintenance cost of equipment
  • Plastic bottle washing machine with an automatic overload protection system to ensure the safety and reliability of the equipment to the greatest extent
Frictional washing machine
Friction washer

What can high-speed friction washers be used for?

The high-speed friction washer is usually used behind the plastic bottle crusher. It can be used for washing PP, PE, HDPE, PVC, and ABS flakes.

In all kinds of recyclable waste plastic cleaning lines, most of them will apply plastic friction washers. The machine’s high-speed washing method makes it plays an important role in the plastic bottle washing recycling line.


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Plastic bottle washing machine
Plastic bottle washing machine